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   제 목 : 2004년 7월 25일 ~ 31일 Sun Alert Weekly Summary
   작성자 : 김기태 날 짜 : 2004.08.03
   e-mail : admin AT solarisschool DOT com 조회수 : 3973

Week of 25-Jul-2004 - 31-Jul-2004

Welcome to the Sun(SM) Alert Weekly Summary Report, the newsletter
that provides you with a weekly listing of newly released and
updated Sun Alert Notifications. It is being distributed
to inform you about critical hardware and software issues that
could impact the availability, security, and data integrity of
your computing environment.


* Newly Released Sun Alert Notifications

* Updated Sun Alert Notifications

* Additional Sun Alert Information


Newly Released Sun Alert Notifications
(Total Released: 1)

Sun Alert ID: 57609
Synopsis: The Use of Certain sscs(1M) Commands,
Array/StorEdge 3900SL CLI Commands, or Certain
StorEdge 3900SL/6320 GUI Actions to Manage a Sun
StorEdge 3900SL/6120/6320/T3+ Array, Attached via
Certain FC Switches, May Cause Loss of Connectivity
to a Host(s)
Date Released: 28-Jul-2004

To view this Sun Alert document please go to the following URL:
(accessing this Sun Alert document requires a Sun Spectrum Support
Contract and SunSolve Online Account)

Updated Sun Alert Notifications
(Total Updated: 0)

Additional Sun Alert Information

* Accessing Sun Alert Notifications

Sun Alert Notifications are accessed on http://sun.com/sunsolve
under SunSolve Collections, Advanced Search, Browse Documents or
Security Sun Alerts

* Sun Alert Patch Report


This is a comprehensive report of patches mentioned in the Resolution
section of Sun Alert documents and is available from SunSolve on the
Patch Portal page. It is updated daily and organized by product.


Thanks for tuning in to the Sun Alert Weekly Summary Report!

Best regards,
Sun Alert Program Office
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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