20th Anniversary
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   제 목 : Solaris 10 u7(05/09) 발표(수정)
   작성자 : 조호석 날 짜 : 2009.05.04
   e-mail : laday AT chol DOT com 조회수 : 3435

- 현재 다운로드 가능합니다.

- 전력 관리 기능이 향상된 것이 눈에 띄네요. (인텔CPU의 전력관리 기능인 Tstate와 Cstate를 지원하나보네요)

- 전체적으로 이번 업데이트는 패치된 것이 많습니다. 향상된건 별로 없는듯 하네요.

System Resources Enhancements
- Support Added for Using ZFS Clones When Cloning a Zone
- zoneadm attach -b Option
System Administration Enhancements
- SMF Services for IPsec
Security Enhancements
- NAT-Traversal for IPsec KeyManagementDevelopers
- Stronger Algorithms for IPsec
- SunSSH With OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine Support
DeviceManagement Enhancements
- x86: T-State Support for Intel Based Processors
System Performance Enhancements
- Large Segment Offload Support for Intel PCI Express 10Gb NIC Driver
- Solaris Power Aware Dispatcher and Deep C-State Support
Developer Tools Enhancements
- SunVTS 70 Patch Set 5
- x86: CPU Performance Counter Updates for Intel Processors
- SUNWpatchutils Tool
Driver Enhancements
- hermon Driver
- iSCSI Target
- x86:NetXen 10-GigE Device Driver
- Intel ICH10 and Hartwell NIC Support in E1000g Driver
- xge Driver Can Enable Multiple Receive Rings and MSI-X
Language Support Enhancements
- New Locale Support for Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Additional Software Enhancements
- SPARC: Fp-scrubberDaemon


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