20th Anniversary
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   제 목 : Oracle Solaris 11 Express 발표
   작성자 : 조호석 날 짜 : 2010.11.24
   e-mail : laday AT chol DOT com 조회수 : 7533

Oracle Solaris 11 Express

변경사항 요약

Automated Install
Interactive Text Install
Distribution Constructor
Fast Reboot
Image Packaging System
Oracle Solaris 10 Containers
ZFS Dedup
ZFS Diff
ZFS Dataset Encryption
COMSTAR targets for iSER, SRP and FcoE
Greater Microsoft interoperability with fully integrated CIFS
Network virtualization and resource management
IP Observability(Wireshark)
Load Balancing
Link Protection(IPF)
Bridging and Tunneling
Root Account is a Role
Trusted Platform Module
Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework - AES-NI, Sparc T3
In-Kernel pfexec, Forced and Basic Privileges.
SPARC T3, Nehalem support, NUMA I/O
Dynamic Intimate Shared Memory Performance Improvements
Suspend and Resume to RAM
GNOME 2.30
BASH Shell 4(Default, /usr/gnu/bin)
Graphical Boot
CUPS Printing
Time Slider Snapshot Management
Virtual Console Terminals
Boomer audio subsystem
Command Assistant
libc Linux and BSD Familiarity(asprintf(), vsprintf(), getline(), strdupa(), and strndup(), printf() null support)
New Fonts

오픈솔라리스의 혁신적인 기능은 전부 들어갔습니다. ZFS Dedup, COMSTAR, Crossbow 등등요. 최신 CPU 지원도 눈에 띄이네요. 루트 계정이 롤 계정으로 변경된것도 상당한 사용상의 변화를 야기하겠네요.


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